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Ivy was raised by a yogi mother, and has been practicing yoga herself for most of her life. After years of dance training, landing a touring dance gig and traveling the world, Ivy has been diving deeper into her yoga practice for the past few years, and now feels that she too can call herself a yogi. 


Always nurturing her passion for how the body functions & moves, Ivy’s dance career is supported by her strong yoga practice. She trained in dance for years, first in Vancouver and then heading down to Los Angeles, studying a variety of dance forms and honing in on Hip-Hop and street dance in the latter years of her training. After completing her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, along with extra courses in Chair Yoga & Restorative Yoga she is now registered with Yoga Alliance. Ivy has a unique understanding of the body and how to treat it well! 


Ivy has enjoyed a professional dance career touring with soul artist Khalid for the past few years. As she continues her dance career, she utilizes her knowledge of yoga to prolong the health of her body, mind & soul, and loves to share that passion for the body with others. Ivy’s style of teaching & flowing is heavily inspired by dance, music, and other genres of artistic expression. In her yoga classes you can expect music genres anywhere from R&B to hip hop, neo-soul to ambient music. The pace of her classes will range from anywhere from gentle to a full body flow.

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