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For ten years I had the opportunity to dance with Contemporary Dancers in Winnipeg, Manitoba, studying and performing the works of many well known teachers and choreographers. Upon moving to Vancouver, I continued to collaborate with other professionals while creating and performing works of my own. After years of living and working with a variety of dance-related injuries, I found the healing effects of yoga to benefit my physical body as well as my general state of mind. This healing path has brought my body back to a place of strength, balance, and ease. 

Having had so many teachers inspire and encourage me – artists, kinesiologists, yogis and yoginis – I bring all these varied influences into the studio as a yoga teacher. Every time I step onto the mat it feels like coming home – making a full circle from dance to yoga and then blending the two together. I continue to draw from my Modern Dance experience as well as workshops and retreats with many instructors such as Shiva Rea, Sharon Gannon, Sarah Powers and Judith Lasater to encourage my students to find their own creative flow in their yoga practice. 

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