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Christina Davey


Madrona Yoga: When did you first start a regular yoga practice and how often do you practice yoga?

Christina Davey: I started practicing yoga about 18 years ago after my first daughter was born. I've been taking a class regularly for a least once a week since then. My home practice is pretty loose and consists mainly of stretching and meditation.


Madrona Yoga: Have you noticed a change in yourself physically, mentally or any other way?

Christina Davey: Yoga helps me feel grounded and balanced in my everyday life. It helps me with stress and my ability to relate to others in an open and non-judgmental way because it creates space for breath and reflection. When I don't practice yoga consistently I feel tight physically and mentally. 

Madrona Yoga: How does your yoga practice effect other aspects of your life?

Christina Davey: I manage stress so much better and can be far less reactive to situations which arise on a regular basis.


Madrona Yoga: Do you have a favorite yoga pose?

Christina Davey: I have always enjoyed Trikonasana - triangle pose. One of my instructors described it once as reaching up for a star and the pose is also like a star shape. It's a visual image that has stayed with me and now when I feel challenged by this pose I really ground my feet and remind myself of this.


Madrona Yoga: Do you enjoy cooking and if so, what is your favorite meal?

Christina Davey: I do enjoy cooking. I think my favourite meals have been those that include our beautiful westcoast seafood ( hello spot prawns! ) and local produce which have been shared with my favourite people.

Madrona Yoga: What book or books are on your bedside table right now?

Christina Davey: I just finished reading Alice Waters's (of Chez Panisse) biography and her 40 Years of Chez Panisse The Power of Gathering. I came across them by chance at the library and it has been fascinating to learn about her life and what inspired and motivates her to this day. I am in the midst of reading Son of a Trickster by Eden Robinson and and a Swedish novel, Vera by Anne Swärd is next in my pile.

Madrona Yoga: What is some of your favorite music on your playlist?

Christina Davey: I like a diversity of music and particularly enjoy female artists such as Jill Barber, Amy Winehouse, Nina Simone, Serena Ryder and Buffy Sainte-Marie. 


Madrona Yoga: When you're not working, how do you spend your free time?

Christina Davey: I spend my time reading, listening to the radio, walking and talking with friends and exploring the world looking for inspiration to help me make the best use of my life.