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Galen Wood

Galen Wood is an artist and innovator in organizational development and management consulting. For the past 10 years, she has focused the majority of her consulting with entrepreneurial young businesses, not-for-profits, governments and academic institutions. She specializes in strategic planning, organizational development, board development, executive/business coaching and leadership development. Galen’s holistic approach to the work incorporates analytical, intuitive, and creative solutions, allowing her to inspire and guide clients into clarity and purposeful action. She is a Managing Partner with Harrison Assessments International.



Madrona Yoga: Would you care to share your age with the reading audience?

Galen Wood: I am 75 years old, almost 76.


Madrona Yoga: When did you first start a regular yoga practice and how often do you practice yoga?

Galen Wood: I first started a regular yoga practice in 2007. I had done yoga off and on for 20 years prior. I typically participate in a yoga class 5 days a week.


Madrona Yoga: Have you noticed a change in yourself physically, mentally or any other way?

Galen Wood: There have been many positive changes in the past 10 years; physically I am stronger and more flexible; mentally and emotionally, I am more alert, astute and balanced.

Madrona Yoga: How does your yoga practice effect other aspects of your life?

Galen Wood: I manage stress so much better and can be far less reactive to situations which arise on a regular basis.


Madrona Yoga: Do you have a favorite yoga pose?

Galen Wood: Warrior II. My favorite style is Vinyasa Flow.


Madrona Yoga: Do you enjoy cooking and if so, what is your favorite meal?

Galen Wood: I enjoy cooking, particularly for others. My favorite meals are high protein, lots of fruit and veggies and low carbs. I like everything fresh and very little processed foods.

Madrona Yoga: What book or books are on your bedside table right now?

Galen Wood: Far and Away; Big Magic; The Book of Joy; The Curve in Time; and Ennead.

Madrona Yoga: What is some of your favorite music on your playlist?

Galen Wood: I listen to classical while working; new age; classic rock and roll; and many of the vocalists in the past 20 years or so.


Madrona Yoga: I know you are passionate about your job. When you're not working, how do you spend your free time?

Galen Wood: Sailing, gardening, traveling and volunteering with Circle of Care.

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