MONDAY 9:30am intermediate/advanced(kathleen) - 6:00pm Mixed Levels Flow(desiree)

WEDNESDAY 9:30am Mixed Levels Flow(desiree) -
THURSDAY 9:30am Gentle Yoga(kathleen)   -
FRIDAY 9:30am Vinyasa Flow(desiree)   -
SATURDAY 9:30am Mixed Levels Flow(desiree)

Students are asked to sign up at the beginning of each month to outline how often and which classes you will attend.

Twice a week $11.00 USD or $13.00 CDN per class
Once a week $12.00 USD or $14.00 CDN per class
Drop in $14.00 USD or $16.00 CDN per class

If you miss a class that you signed up for you can come to another class (that month) space permiting. If this fee structure is a financial challenge for anyone please let me know, it would be a shame for someone to miss classes due to financial constraints.

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